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Accra , Ghana


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Andreatta Abebrese Tetteh

About Me

Pastor (Mrs) Andreatta Abebrese Tetteh is a young zealous lady worshipping with the Foursquare Gospel Church in Ghana. She’s a graduate of the University of Ghana Business School, with an Executive Masters in Business Administration, Marketing. She’s also pursuing an Msc in Digital Marketing from Liverpool John Moores University in UK. She holds a certificate from the School of Ministry, L.I.F.E. Bible College, Ghana.

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Andreatta Abebrese Tetteh


….Christ in us the hope of glory Colossians 1:27

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All these services are to help the ministry preach, teach the word of God and minister hope the
hopeless globally.

The Word of God

I  teach people the word of God through my teachings


I organize events and charity programs

Digital Marketing Services

I offer various digital marketing services

Book Sales

I author and sale my books to all and sundry

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 Global Hope Ministry (ministry to reach people with the gospel worldwide, demonstrate the love of God to the less privileged and raise funds for philanthropic and ministry activities)

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The Flip-Coin of Vals Day

The flip-coin of Vals Day
A day marked for love
But flipped to a rusty coin
Rusty coin of sexual escapade
Rusty coin of immorality
Rusty coin of impurities

The flip-coin of Vals Day
A day marked for love expression
But Alas, it has been flipped to a day of bitterness
The flip-coin of Vals Day.

Whilst some are rejoicing on Vals Day
Whilst some are exchanging gifts
Others languish in pain.
Oh a night of entertainment
But flipped to a night of painful memories!

The flip-coin of Vals Day
Painful memories of the heartbreak from a beloved
Painful memories of the dissapointments from a beloved
The flip-coin of Vals Day.

Tears of pain on Vals Day
Tears of pain of the abortion of babies after Vals Day
Tears of regret on Vals Day
The flip-coin of Vals Day

Pillows drenched with buckets of tears
on Vals Day
Broken marriages
on Vals Day
Exposure of Infidelity
On Vals Day

Oh! The flip-coin of Vals Day

Free your heart from all the bitter experiences
Free your heart of unforgiveness
Free your heart of the revenge
Let the person go from your heart
Embrace the love of Jesus Christ which never fails.
Jesus loves and cares for you more than anybody else!

The flip-coin of Vals Day
Be a Victor of the past, present, surprises, shocks and future hurts of Vals Day in Christ Jesus
For Vals Day will never cease to have a flip-coin
The flip-coin of Vals Day

- Andreatta

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